Thursday, May 28, 2009

First-Time Homebuyers Infiltrating the Foreclosure Market

PHOENIX –AZ The foreclosure market in the Phoenix Area has sparked national attention and caused a dramatic increase in home sales. According to an article published by the Arizona Republic, investors trying to reap the benefits of the bargain priced foreclosures jump started the area’s housing market in the first part of 2009. In April, investors consisted of approximately 19 percent of the Valley’s home sales. Recently, the new front runner’s for home purchases belongs to the first-time homebuyers.

Market analysts believe that first-time homebuyers will soon account for half of the area’s home purchases. It is said that the federal housing plan’s $8,000 tax credit to first-time homebuyers and other neighborhood stabilization programs are providing huge incentives to help people purchase these foreclosure homes as primary residences.

The major increase in purchases is for residences priced below $150,000. Many of these properties are receiving multiple offers, which are helping the overall prices to climb. Today the median home price in the Valley is $116,500, which is up 1.3 percent since the end of April. The median price per square foot also increased 2.4 percent, reaching $84.86 per square foot in May.

Where investors dominated the market during the housing boom, accounting for 35 to 40 percent of Phoenix home sales, today lends a very different housing market. Investors are either paying cash or being forced to contribute large down payments in order to receive financing. Mortgage financing is more favorable to individuals purchasing primary residences and placing larger requirements on investors to deter potential future foreclosures.

If you are thinking of purchasing your first home……NOW is the time to seize all of the opportunities available!!!

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